Mondial 2022: a historic Morocco!!!

Mondial 2022: a historic Morocco!!!

“Qualified! Qualified!”. The incredible dream continues and Morocco is on fire after the qualification of the Atlas Lions in the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar, a sensational feat never before achieved by an African or Arab team.

“My heart is going to stop, what a team, what endurance, what an achievement!” Ilham El Idrissi, a 34-year-old Casablancan, told AFP hotly, overjoyed.

“I think I’m daydreaming. Pinch me! What immense pride, the Lions were there, I thank them from the bottom of my heart”, abounds Mouad Khairat, 29, executive in a center of ‘call.

“The Moroccan team has managed to do the impossible. We want the cup now.”

Once again, it is becoming a habit, collective celebrations greeted the final whistle, from north to south of the kingdom, even in the most remote provinces.

“There is nothing impossible in football, it’s the magic of this sport,” ex-Moroccan international Abderrazak Khairi, the main architect of his country’s surprise victory against the club, predicted to AFP. same Portuguese opponent (3-1) at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

Never before has an African or Arab country managed to get past the quarter-finals.

Cameroon in 1990, Senegal in 2002 and Ghana in 2010 had failed at the gates of the final four of the most prestigious tournaments.

“The Moroccan team has managed to do the impossible. We want the cup now,” says Ali Gyme, 24.

“For the second time in four days, Morocco is writing the best page in its history. And this time it’s also the biggest on the African continent. It’s no longer a tournament… it’s an epic”, immediately commented Wiloo, an Internet user, on Twitter.

The dream continues for the Atlas Lions but also for all Moroccans.

“Football seems to have transcended the borders of sport to tread the perimeter of the immanent”, expounds this week the editorialist of the weekly TelQuel.

It is true that the epic of the Atlas Lions now involves a whole people, fanatics of the “beautiful game”.

In Casablanca, the temple of Moroccan football, the jerseys of the national team and the red flags struck with the green star, are everywhere in the windows, the stalls, the markets.

The enthusiasm is such that the first giant frescoes have already been painted with the effigy of Hakim Ziyech and coach Walid Regragui, raised to the rank of national hero.

However, he took over the reins of this team less than three months before the start of the competition after the ousting of Vahid Halilhodzic.

African and Arab pride

Beyond the borders of the kingdom, the Moroccan team inspires the African continent and the Arab world.

From Gaza to Tunis via Algiers or Dakar, Morocco’s successive victories have united supporters who push with one voice behind the Lions.

“It’s the World Cup of recovered pride. That of the voiceless who cry out their joy, expunge their frustration in front of a regained visibility, a rehabilitated self-love. The catharsis is total”, still speaks TelQuel.

After Morocco’s surprise triumph over Spain, Al Jazeera spoke of “the wave of euphoria” that carried the Arab world.

“Cheers rang out from Tunis, Beirut, Baghdad, Ramallah and other cities as Arabs gathered to rejoice in the largely unexpected victory over Spain — a contrast to the political disputes that have long divided the Arab nations”, opines the Qatari television site.

The only downside, a few hours before kick-off, passengers expressed their anger after not being able to board at Mohammed V airport in Casablanca, from where the national company Royal Air Maroc (RAM) operates flights. special flights Qatar.

“I have a confirmed ticket for Doha 2:40. I arrived at the airport 2:50 before the flight. I could not board either the 2:40 flight which received people from the 1:40 flight”, writes a Moroccan supporter on Linkedin who said he stayed in Morocco to watch the match “at home”.