Mondial 2022: for Franco-Moroccan celebrities, the heart swings

Mondial 2022: for Franco-Moroccan celebrities, the heart swings

The heart of celebrities of Moroccan origin will be shared Wednesday evening during the semi-final of the World Cup between France and Morocco, but it leans rather for the Atlas Lions after their historic qualification for the last four.

The writers Tahar Ben Jelloun and Leila Slimani say it: they really want to see their native country qualify for the final. The comedian Jamel Debbouze is the most shared: on social networks, he showed his joy at each victory of the France like Morocco. Since it is known that the two teams will meet, he remains silent.

Leïla Slimani, writer

“No matter what, I will have won”the author said on Tuesday, Goncourt Prize 2016daily sports The Team.

“The team reflects what is most beautiful in Morocco: warmth, solidarity, endurance. I am proud of my country (…) I hope Morocco will win and go to the final. Morocco remains the team of my heart, but I would be happy if France wins.”she confided this weekend to the Sunday newspaper.

Tahar Ben Jelloun, writer

“A team like the Atlas Lions is capable of going far, very far. It is driven by a fierce will to win, a determination that makes it strong, unbeatable”he told the World (…) “I may say + May the best win +, I feel a new kind of emotion rising in me, the one aroused in me by the land of my birth, my origins, my deep roots”.

Elie Semoun, comedian

“I have Moroccan blood running through my veins through my father, all my family is from Morocco, my best friends too, like Gad Elmaleh. I will obviously be shared. If Morocco wins, I will be happy”he told the Parisian. “A friend who lives in Casablanca told me that it was crazy there, the 24-hour party. Just for that, I would be a little unhappy if Morocco lost, even if I think France will win”.

Jamel Debbouze, comedian

“Two victories to seek for history. DIMA MAGHRIB (Long live Morocco, editor’s note). ALLEZ LES BLEUS”, he tweeted on Saturday before the quarter-finals. The comedian also shared on instagram an undated photo of him sitting on a sofa, alongside the Moroccan international from Paris SG Ashraf Hakimi and his club mate and great friend Kylian Mbappestar of the Blues, commenting: “Only football gives these feelings“, adding blue-white-red and….green hearts.

And before this semi-final became a reality, he told beIN Sports last week that he wanted to see this match while being faced with a dilemma. “I wouldn’t know how to live this moment between France and Morocco, it would be as if my father were playing against my mother. It’s impossible, it’s a very, very complicated dilemma“, he confided.