Moonbreaker – Two “playtests” for the miniature game Moonbreaker, before early access

While waiting for early access on September 29, the tactical miniature game Moonbreaker will be revealed in two playtests on Steam, from September 9 to 11, then from September 16 to 18. Access requests are open.

The studio Unknown Worlds (to whom we owe in particular Subnautica) recently took advantage of gamescom 2022 to present its next title, moonbreaker. The game is presented as a “digital miniatures game”: the player composes a squad (a captain and crew members who will have to be unlocked gradually and personalized), before launching them into playable turn-based tactical confrontations , sometimes in the arena, sometimes as part of a scripted campaign.

Moonbreaker is due to launch in Early Access on September 29. Until then, a playable version was presented at gamescom, and for those who have not made the trip to Cologne, the game will be revealed in the context of two successive “playtests” that look like load tests, first from September 9 to 11, then from September 16 to 18. The tests are organized via Steamso just log into your Steam account and claim access to the game page to access the game client and be able to play when the servers open.

The Unknown Worlds studio specifies that during these playtests, the captains and units are immediately accessible (so that the testers can discover a large portion of the game while the tests last), but that they must be unlocked within the framework early access. Quite classically, the progress will not be kept at the end of the tests.


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