more countries compatible with the satellite connection?

During its last keynote, Apple announced that the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are equipped with a sensor that can connect via satellite networks. Until then, it was necessary to contact emergencies to go through traditional antennas, which are sometimes lacking in rural environments.

This solution, very well received by critics and expected for many months, could thus save lives by coming to the aid of victims lost in the forest or even in the case of isolated road accidents. Only downside: for the moment, Apple has not announced the deployment of this feature only in the United States and Canada. Moreover, the system is not even highlighted on the presentation page of the iPhone 14 in France, Belgium or Switzerland. But this may soon change.

Other regions on the way

German-speaking media MacPrime indeed ensures, without however specifying its sources, that the satellite connectivity will be deployed shortly in other countries by Apple. The states in question are not specified, but our colleagues are already mentioning a release schedule from 2022 or even next year for these changes.

With this, let us also recall that the apple firm is in discussion with SpaceX’s Starlink project. This program aims to cover the entire globe with a network of access points in low orbit, theoretically capable of delivering a connection to French, Belgian, Swiss or even Algerian customers. The iPhone 14s are on sale in each of these countries, although not always as part of an Apple Store.

Price and availability

To notify rescue with satellite connectivity, it will cost you €1,019 at least with the “classic” iPhone 14 which is the cheapest in its range. Neither the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch Ultra are compatible though – at least on a standalone basis.

The iPhone 14 Pro, sold from 1,329 euros for the 6.1-inch version, are also equipped with emergency SOS via satellite. The mobiles have been available in France since this morning, via various online retailers such as Fnac, Darty or incumbent operators.

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