Move to counter Parkinson’s disease

Move to counter Parkinson’s disease

The Chicoutimi Boxing Club organizes classes every Tuesday and Thursday to lessen the impact of Parkinson’s disease.

In Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, several people with this disease have already noticed that the degeneration was slowed down by this activity.

A regular at the Chicoutimi Boxing Club for nearly three years, Jean-François Moreau regularly participates in training to mitigate the effects of Parkinson’s on his health.

“We are told to move. We have to make sure that the dopamine is recharged,” explained the athlete.

Being active helps people a lot to cope with their disease and they notice that the symptoms of Parkinson’s have diminished since they train.

“I never would have thought that at 72, I would start boxing, it feels so good, launched Daniele Beaudoin. Each person is at a stage of the disease. We can go there at our own pace. I had difficulty climbing stairs, but after barely two months I can already see a difference.

“My right side was more affected than my left, with training like we have, we work our whole body,” said Gabriel Montmagny.

During training, participants do weight training, cardio, work on elasticity and coordination.

“These are exactly the exercises a boxer will perform in a competition, but I don’t show the techniques. We will also adapt them according to everyone’s needs, ”confirmed the coach at the Club de boxe de Chicoutimi, Denis Gravel.

Group activities are also a way for these people to come together.

“People who suffer from the disease are often inclined to isolate themselves, it helps us to move,” said Gabriel.

The organization Parkinson Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean finances this program. Interested people can contact them.