MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2022 EXHIBITION: Technip Energies and Petrosen sign a memorandum of understanding

French engineering and technology company Technip Energies and Senegal’s national oil company, Petrosen, signed a memorandum of understanding during the second day of the MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2022 conference and exhibition ( Represented by Marco Villa, Chief Operating Officer of Technip Energies, and Thierno Seydou Ly, Managing Director of Petrosen, the MoU marks the start of a three-year local content partnership between the parties.

Under the terms of the MoU, Technip Energies will strengthen its pioneering role in the region by supporting costs and organizing workshops and training programs over the next three years for a list of local beneficiaries nominated by Petrosen. . Skills development will cover principles of energy transition, liquefied natural gas, carbon-free energy solutions, sustainable chemistry, decarbonization, HSE principles and management systems, safety engineering, engineering of process, oil and water treatment plants, gas treatment facilities, offshore and onshore facilities, cost estimating, execution and management of offshore construction and production projects, news technologies and environmental studies.

The MoU recognizes and leverages Technip Energies’ technical expertise in the energy sector, as well as its strong local track record and willingness to grow its business using local talent. The multinational also pledges to carry out preliminary studies with a view to extending the current scope of Senegal’s gas operations, which represent several billion dollars, and to carry out consultations on the gas master plan of HE the President Macky Sall, in order to formulate solid strategic recommendations for the country’s energy transition.

Mr. Villa said: “It is with great pride that I sign this Memorandum of Understanding today, committing Technip to a partnership that will enable Senegalese industry to move up a gear. At Technip, we believe in forward-looking development through technical excellence and it is these two promising assets that today’s agreement will bring. »

The memorandum of understanding comes at a time when Senegal is aiming for a target of 50% local content by 2030, under the impetus of the National Local Content Monitoring Committee recently created under its revised petroleum code.

Local content is a clear priority for the Senegalese government when it comes to its energy industry, critically important to the success and sustainability of the works. Benefiting from the unique expertise and considerable resources Technip Energies has accumulated over decades in the industry, across dozens of legislatures and local contexts is a real game-changer for all of us,” said Ly.

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