My car auto-ignites when I remove the key

Hello, I have noticed for several days when removing the key to switch off the ignition, the engine is still running, it has difficulty stopping.. the engine grazes vibrates in all directions and stops with a noise rather deafening! I have the impression that there is still compression! I wondered if it was not the knock sensor that would be defective.

I couldn’t find it. Normally it is between the lambda probe on the front of the engine and the carburettor.

When I couldn’t find this sensor, I turned to a simple carburettor cleaning, which didn’t hurt it.

I noticed that by removing the rod for the “engine running” oil dipstick, a rather significant air suction occurs! This phenomenon also occurs at the level of the tank cap It is a fairly significant suction, you can hear it just by standing next to it..

I also did an engine oil change I noticed when removing the filter that it was compressed or even almost crushed! I also thought about the depression valve which might be defective. Since I am rather resourceful and at the same time new to mechanics, I am turning to you hoping to find a solution.

I hope I have enlightened you on my subject it is a Opel Astra j 2013 1.4L turbo 140 hp ecotec

The Vehicle also has a “start and stop” and when I am for example in front of a red light the start and stop works half the time .. the engine speed decreases and tries to switch to “start and stop” but does not can’t do it.. suddenly the car grazes and at times stalls!

I think all these problems are related to one problem…

Good for you


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