“My job is linked to skateboarding, each grip is like a figure that we are trying to tame”

The bay of Audierne, in the south of Finistère. Denis Ménochet receives us at his home in Brittany, on the occasion of the release of the film The survivors by Guillaume Renusson, in a stone house near the sea. A place that“appeases” and preserves him from the frustration and lack of empathy that comes from big cities.

The 46-year-old actor talks about his childhood spent abroad, in the United Arab Emirates, in particular with a father who loves rock and drawing and a mother who introduced him to reading very early, summers in Brittany. , his passion for animals, then as a teenager, back in France, for skateboarding, his rejection of French humor, turning Inglourious Basterds, his deep interest in the philosophy of acting and its impact on his body, the need to be connected to himself and his disgust with all dogmatism.

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He also returns to the importance for him of participating in films that touch on societal subjects such as feminicides, pedophilia in the Church or the fate reserved for refugees: “It’s a source of pride when you can put your art at the service of something bigger than yourself and which is necessary. »

For four seasons, producer Géraldine Sarratia has questioned the construction and intricacies of a personality’s taste. Whether they are creators, artists, cooks or intellectuals, they all call upon their childhood memories, all evoke the social and cultural dimension of the construction of a corpus of tastes, of a set of values.

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