Nanoleaf unveils its new smart lights

Nanoleaf unveils its new smart lights

Nanoleaf’s latest smart lights offer Matter support and learning automation for TV light strips, learning switches, skylight and essentials updates.

It is one of the best choices for smart lighting. Nanoleaf’s range pretty much has you covered. But the brand is unveiling new light fixtures at CES 2023, all of which offer extra smarts for your home.

Starting with the basics (literally), Nanoleaf will launch updated versions of A19, BR30, GU10 and recessed bulbs and strip lights in its Essentials range. These updated lights will support Matter, the latest smart home standard. This will make controlling Nanoleaf’s lights easier than before. The brand’s full range of modular fixtures will also be upgradeable later this year.

New to the lineup is the Nanoleaf 4D – a starter kit containing a Screen Mirror camera and a Matter-compatible light strip. The camera sits at the top or bottom of your TV and reflects what’s on your TV using the light strip. There are four mirroring modes to choose from (including a dynamic mode) and 50 zones on the included light strip. Additionally, the Sync+ feature can mirror all of your Nanoleaf lights onto the TV simultaneously, creating a more immersive space. It will launch this spring in 55-65-inch and 65-85-inch configurations.

Nanoleaf’s new Skylight offers a modular panel system for your ceiling. You can connect the modular panels across your ceiling for a totally unique fixture. Matter-enabled panels support a range of whites, as well as 16 million colors. It’s packed with all the smart features you’d expect, including automation, Wi-Fi control, and lighting scenes. The Skylight will be available at the end of the summer.

And finally, we come to the star of the show – Nanoleaf’s smart learning light switches. The Sense+ range offers a wired or wireless Smart Light Switch. In addition to control from your phone, the switches have built-in motion and ambient light sensors. But the additional Nala Learning Bridge really kicks things into high gear.