Netflix signs a partnership with Ubisoft and will offer an Assassin’s Creed game

Netflix got into video games several months ago now, but the service is struggling to take off. In order to accelerate in this segment, the firm has partnered with the French Ubisoft for three new games, including an Assassin’s Creed.

Games on Netflix are very little used. There would be so less than 1% of subscribers to the platform who would play it daily, despite the free service and the absence of advertisements.

The platform relies on it to differentiate itself from the competition, which is gaining more and more market share. And faced with the lack of enthusiasm, it will accelerate sharply in this sector.

Three Ubisoft games on Netflix

For this, Netflix will join the games of a renowned studio: Ubisoft. The French will thus offer three new games to the American, and not the least since Ubisoft has announced Mighty Quest, taken from the franchise of the same name, which will offer a merciless fighting game experience. To this will be added Valiant Hearts, which is the sequel to “Unknown Soldiers: Memories of the Great War” which traces the story of soldiers during the First World War.

But it is undoubtedly the third title that should be the most anticipated since it is an Assassin’s Creed. It will be a completely new version of the game, which could bring back some of the fans of the franchise if they want to try their hand at it.

Netflix had promised about 70 games for the end of this year, but we will not have to count on Ubisoft games since these will not arrive until next year on the platform.

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