Netflix will offer other formulas with advertisements to adapt to all wallets

If you don’t already have enough of a single subscription with ads, that’s good: Netflix plans to add more in the future. Its CEO Ted Sarandos has indeed announced that the firm plans to copy its scheme for its formulas without advertisements, each offering various advantages. The latter, however, specified that it will be necessary to wait a little before knowing more about it.

Credit: grinvalds

It has now been a little over a month since Netflix has launched its very controversial subscription with advertisements. If it is certainly cheaper, it comes with several major drawbacks – advertising therefore, but also a less extensive catalog. However, it seems that the formula is a success, since the streaming service does not intend to stop. Indeed, its co-CEO, Ted Sarandos, said that other similar subscriptions will come to the platform later.

“We have multiple subscriptions today, so it’s likely we’ll have multiple subscriptions with ads over time, but nothing to announce at this time”he explained, comparing this new formula with those already offered by the firm. “And the product itself will evolve, I suspect, quite dramatically, but slowly, incrementally.”

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Netflix will offer several subscriptions with advertisements

It is therefore difficult for the moment to predict with certainty what netflix prepares us. One thing is certain, the platform now has the number 1 objective of reversing the disadvantageous trend that has set in for it in 2022. And this is not just about new formulas. Unsurprisingly, Ted Sarandos also wants to tackle account sharing, Netflix’s eternal pet peeve.

“There are people enjoying Netflix, literally for free today”underlines the latter. “So they get a lot of value out of it. I think they will be happy to have their own account. » According to the company, more than 100 million users worldwide do not pay their subscription. Suffice to say that it is hard to imagine them being happy to receive an invoice from the platform.

Source : CNBC