New Instagram outage: many accounts suspended by mistake

The social network has indicated that it is working to resolve this bug which affects users all over the world.

And it wasn’t even Halloween that caused such a wave of panic. This Monday, October 31, thousands of users from Instagram around the world discovered that their account had been wrongly suspended, and that despite their attempts to report this abusive deactivation, it could not be restored immediately. The result of a global bug, as clarified by the social network owned by Meta.

While waiting for the outage to be resolved, thousands of messages have in any case been published from around 2 p.m. French time on other platforms to denounce the seemingly random disappearance of accounts. To the point that the keyword #InstagramDown for example found himself among the most used this Monday afternoon on Twitter.

It should also be noted that for some users whose account is still accessible, the number of subscribers has sometimes dropped significantly, such as Cristiano Ronaldo who lost more than three million followers.

iPhone users more affected?

And for users trying to fix the outage by following Instagram’s default procedure for suspended accounts, no results. Each time, the account remains again and again, even after the various manipulations, as deactivated.

A global anomaly in the face of which some Internet users preferred to joke, ironically in particular about the arbitrary nature of the various suspensions.

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