new iPad Pro feature is backwards compatible

new iPad Pro feature is backwards compatible

A Twitter user shared his discovery on the blue bird social network: the functionality overview runs smoothly oniPad Pro M1. Anyway with his version 12.9 inches, which is the largest. It was by going to the Settings app that the owner of the tablet realized this, as we can see in this video which seems to clearly prove the thing:

We don’t know if 11-inch iPad Pro with M1 chip are also compatible, but since the software technologies that power the hover are also integrated into this device it is totally possible.

What is overflight?

Hover is a very recent feature of iPadOS, released alongside the iPad Pro M2 in late 2022. Hover allows you to preview content by passing his Apple Pencil above the screen of the tablet, but without touching it. Only the second generation Apple Pencil is compatible according to Apple’s data and it does seem that the previous version does not support this tool.

As with the Touch Bar on MacBook Pros, the hover is open to developers via a dedicated API that allows them to add the features of their choice. For example, we have already seen the hover at work to get a preview of a watercolor, to magnify the icons of the dock, to know where its mine will land in Notes or to trigger the playback of a video suggested by Youtube.

A good point to compensate

The arrival of the hover on the old iPad Pro is really good news for their buyers. This change, however, contrasts with other major drawbacks of the stylus, such as the fact that its first generation is now only compatible with the iPad 10 by investing in a dedicated adapter that costs ten euros.

To afford an Apple Pencil 2, the price originally set at 135 euros is now at 149 euros. An increase which coincides with the other price developments of iPhones, iPads or Macs that have occurred in recent weeks following the overall inflation in the electronics sector.

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