new record price per shot

Satechi is a well-known manufacturer for its iPhone and Mac accessories. For some time now, it has been offering a HomeKit-compatible connected double-socket. And its usual price defies all competition: only €22.99! It’s even more incredible when, as part of a new special offer, the double-take enjoys a 40% reduction. With that, it only costs €13.7

The price at the outlet is therefore exceptional: €6.85. Don’t forget to tick the 10% coupon code on the product sheet to benefit from the additional reduction bringing the total sale to -40%!

Take advantage of the offer

And be careful, this is a type F socket, that is to say that the earth is connected via two metal lugs at the top and at the base of the connector. There is no metal pin to insert in the center.

Check at home if you can insert your devices into this Satechi socket. This is the case for all devices without a ground, such as lamps, iPhone chargers, some MacBook chargers, etc. It also happens more and more often that household appliances have both systems E and F, with a hole in the middle in addition to the two lugs. These are therefore also compatible with the Satechi double-socket.

But just for lights, and therefore without having to check the type E or F, this HomeKit-compatible Satechi double-outlet will make people happy at this price, that’s for sure !

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