new sport challenge to celebrate November 11

Veterans Day is an important holiday in the United States. Every year on the same date, November 11, American citizens honor veterans who fought in the First World War. In France, this is what we call the Day of the Combatants or more commonly the Armistice. It is also a public holiday on this date in France, as you well know.

A few minutes of sport for a symbolic trophy

And for the occasion, Apple is offering a new sport and health challenge for Apple Watch users.

The concept, you know, is quite simple: you just have to pass the special challenge on the designated day to collect several rewards. For this time, it is a question of carrying out at least eleven minutes of sports activity on the day of November 11, 2022.

Whether you’re jogging outdoors or jumping rope indoors: your activity will be counted. To collect your virtual trophy, which represents a military crest, go to the Fitness app on iPhone, section Trophies.

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Another gain: exclusive stickers, illustrating soldiers in full training. These can be sent directly from the Messages and FaceTime applications.

Images November 11, 2022 sport and health challenge

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A long-standing commemoration

A few years ago, Apple launched a health challenge on the occasion of the Armistice. We had not failed to point this out to you in the past. However, this challenge is not the only support that the Californian firm shows to war veterans. Indeed, in November 2020, Apple communicated its desire to pay tribute to veterans. Among the actions put in place then, the company had notably offered promotions valid only during the eleventh month of the year.

These fighters made history, and for the Cupertino giant, it seems essential to pay tribute to them.

And you? Will you put on your sneakers on November 11 to collect your digital trophy? - Official App – Official App

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