Neymar is destroyed in Brazil, the English and French press are at war before the shock

Neymar is destroyed in Brazil, the English and French press are at war before the shock

The Brazilian press is disappointed by Neymar’s World Cup, the English and French media are already playing the match between the two rival nations, find the latest information from the European sports press in your Foot Mercato press review.

Brazil dry their tears

Announced as the favorites of the competition, the Seleção saw their World Cup dreams shattered into a thousand pieces, a bit like the front page of Extra which titles: “it’s time to pick up the pieces“. It must be said that it isa dramatic match» for the Brazilian journalists who thought the victory had been won, especially after Neymar’s stroke of genius allowing the Brazilians to open the scoring.

The Parisian number 10 was inconsolable as we can see on the front page of Floha de Londrina and Oh Dia. As we can read in many media in Brazil, “Neymar has 105 bad minutes and 15 of genius, but does not take the penalty and collapses“.

For Brazil, even if he equaled Pelé as the top scorer of the selection, he was not at the level to win the World Cup and this match. A tragedy that prompted Tite, the coach, to leave his post.

Many players have also more or less announced that it was over for the international adventure. As Thiago Silva sums it up very well: “Unfortunately, as a player, I will not be able to lift this cup“. This match, in any case, marked the spirits all over the world. Neymar in tears, we find him in Italy, in the Corriere Dello Sportbut also in Spain in Mundo Deportivo.

England taunts France

The most anticipated match this Saturday is the England-France clash. This morning in The Sunwe find Harry Kane’s head toasted on a French toast, finally a “french toastas they say on the other side of the Channel.

The duck journalists are convinced that England will qualify for the semi-finals, they rely on the words of the Tottenham player who said to himself “confidentto beat Les Bleus. the Times title this morningYes yes can“. Very good recovery of the poster of Obama during the 2008 elections, but this time, with the head of Harry Kane. In any case, as reported by DailyMail, the English are mentally ready. Gareth Southgate asked his players to be brave and issued a rallying cry.

Mbappé, the secret agent

The Parisian confronts in its edition of the day Harry Kane and Kylian Mbappé for a “clash royale“. The current top scorer in the World Cup is on the front page of all the newspapers in France, and everyone is counting on him to silence the English media. “King Mbappé challenges the English» placard The mountain.

Then if England for several days taunts France with emblems from home, The Team intends to do the same by parodying the most famous British secret agent in the world: James Bond. Except that this time it’s Mbappé, called “Agent Bondy 0010with the film title:losing can wait“.

Finally, all the regional dailies are looking forward to this big evening, which will certainly be very exciting. But after all, as written so well The Midi Dispatchwith French elegance: “English gentlemen, get out first“.