“Neymar, you’re going to have to declare yourself!” After Lula’s victory, the crowd laughs at Neymar

The Brazilians did not fail to chamber the Paris SG striker who had supported Bolsonaro in the second round of the presidential election.

On several occasions recently Neymar had shown his support on social networks for Jaier Bolsonaro against his opponent Lula, finally elected on Sunday evening. A position that had not gone unnoticed in Brazil. After the announcement of the results, the Parisian striker was roomed by his compatriots in the street to the sound of “Neymar, you will have to declare yourself“, in reference to the tax problems encountered by the footballer who had even promised to dedicate his next goal to the statesman if successful.

Rumors even mentioned a possible settlement agreement between Bolsonaro and the striker on this subject. “Neymar has the right to choose whoever he wants as president. I think he is afraid that if I win the election, I will find out what Bolsonaro forgave him (about) his income tax debt. I think that’s why he’s afraid of me“, had declared Lula about the position of the international.


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