NGB will turn into SA with a capital of one billion FCFA

The elective general assembly of Niary Tally took place on Saturday, at the headquarters of the sports marketing agency “CIK’AW”. Djibril Wade was reappointed by acclamation. But, this AG promises changes in management by the creation of a public limited company with a capital of one billion FCFA.

The Niary Tally club has unanimously renewed its confidence in Djibril Wade who is back for 4 years. He is delighted with the good performance of this conclave and says he is happy to be re-elected.

Today I am almost at the end of a career at Niary Tally and I have told NGB leaders and supporters that what I have been doing for years I can’t do it anymore. So we need to change the paradigm and the team to be open to others. We will do our best to carry out our mission “, indicates the boss of Niary Tally.

To evolve in football it is necessary to change rifle to conform to the evolution of professionalism and one will be in search of a new method.

We are aware that Niary Tally must change methods and must open up. We are going to open the capital, we are going to set up a public limited company for sporting purposes with a capital of 1 billion and we also have our own land which we rent to others, we can use its benefits for the development of the club, 45% will be transferred for consideration. For 4 years I have been trying to set up this management system and today it is the culmination “.

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