Nikkor Z 600mm F/4 TC VR S: Nikon continues its quest for length with an ultra-premium fixed focal length

Nikkor Z 600mm F/4 TC VR S: Nikon continues its quest for length with an ultra-premium fixed focal length

Very high-end optics

10 months after presenting the Nikkor Z 400mm F/2.8 TC VR Sa long telephoto lens whose integrated teleconverter made it possible to reach a trifle of 560 mm for 14,999 €, i.e. 2 to 3,000 € more expensive than the competition, the Japanese optician returns at the beginning of November 2022 with the Nikkor Z 600mm F/4 TC VR S. And its claims live up to the 400 mm.

Two lenses for the price of one (very expensive)

Thus, the focal length is also equipped with an integrated teleconverter, making it possible to reach 840 mm for a maximum aperture of f/5.6. Switching from one focal length to another is done in the blink of an eye. It is almost more of a zoom on two focal lengths. In addition, this 600 mm is equipped with the Silky Swift VCM autofocus motor with ABS encoder, the same one that equips the 400 mm f/2.8.

Ever more efficient autofocus

According to Nikon, this guarantees the optics unparalleled responsiveness, and perfectly efficient in combination with the AF systems of the most demanding Nikon hybrids, such as the Z9. In terms of optical stability, Nikon provides compensation up to 5 stops and even 5.5 stops using the Z9.

The optical formula uses a total of 26 elements divided into 20 groups, including 7 in the converter, three ED elements, one super ED, two SR and two fluorites, and uses a special meso-amorphous anti-reflective treatment. Of course, the lens is completely protected against the weather and has buttons and an Fn ring that can be assigned to the functions of your choice. In addition, a MEMORY-SET command allows you to save focusing distances, the minimum distance being 4.3 m.

Price and availability

The Nikon Nikkor Z 600mm F/4 TC VR S will be marketed from November 24, 2022 for the modest sum of €17,249. It is much more than the models of Sony 600mm F4 GM OSS Where Canon RF 600mm F4 L IS USM, displayed at €13,999. But when you consider that it’s also an 840mm f/5.6, it’s almost cheap compared to the Canon RF 800mm F5.6 L IS USM, offered for €19,999.

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