Nintendo Switch: 10 games not to miss in December – Nintendo Switch

The end of the year is near. The period is conducive to purchases and gifts of all kinds. While waiting for us to make you a small selection of the essentials of the year 2022, we invite you to discover 10 games who go out (or have gone out) this month on Nintendo Switch. To be honest, it’s been a pretty quiet month on Nintendo’s console. All console hits likely to end up under the tree have been released in previous months, including the last three. You can also find our selection of the months of sSeptember, October and Novemberre below:

So what “new” will make you trip on nintendo-switch in december ? Our selection of the month can be found below.

10 games expected on Nintendo Switch in December

Registration – the 1st December

This is an independent game available since last year on PC which mixes the card game and… horror! It is available at 19,99€ on theeShop– More details with our previous newss.

The creator of Pony Island and The Hex returns with a new love letter to video games, completely hallucinated and obsessive. Registration is a personal odyssey that takes the form of an inky black card game that mixes rogue-like, deck-building, escape-room puzzles, and psychological horror. But that’s not all, because the cards hold even darker secrets…

Railbound – the 1st December

Choo Choo ! embark on an irresistible animated-style puzzle game. The game is available at 12,99€ €11.99on the eShop- More details with our previous newss.

Connect and shape railroads through different landscapes to help everyone get home. Solve over 150 puzzles, from the simplest to the most tortuous.

The Outbound Ghost – the 1st December

here is a Paper Mario-like promising despite some performance issues and the fact that it is currently only available in English (the VF is coming, see the details HERE) The game is available in box version but also on theeShop at 24,99€ – More details with our previous news.

Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song- Remastered – the 1st December

This is a new version of the cult Super Famicom game, Romancing SaGa released in 1992. or more exactly from the remaster of the remake of the game released in 2005 on Playstation. The game is available at 24,99€ on theeShop More details with our previous news.

This remastered edition enhances every aspect of the game, with updated HD graphics and numerous gameplay improvements. It’s the perfect title, whether you’re a veteran of the SaGa series or just want to check it out.

Dragon Quest Treasures – the December 9

Erik and Mia, the heroes, rejuvenated, from Dragon Quest XI go on a treasure hunt. Aren’t you going to dare to shoot it? (yes it’s a bogus pun on hunting). The game is available in box version (especially on Amazon- Partner Link) but also from 59.99€ on the eShop– More details with our previous news.

Discover a vast world, full of variety, where surprises, trials and mysteries dot the path that leads to the legendary treasure of Draconia!

Wavetale – the December 12

It’s a bit like meeting The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild even if the references are overwhelming and after that it’s a bit complicated to rise to the occasion… But when you know that it’s the team behind Lost-in-Random who takes care of it, we want to believe it! The game is available at Wavetale-2304595.html”>29.99€ on the eShop– More details with our previous news.

Surf the waters of a sunken city! Fight giant sea monsters, save your neighbors and discover the secrets hidden under the surface. Explore the ocean and the crumbling archipelago of Townshore in Wavetale, a narrative-driven action-adventure game with a story featuring discouraged fishermen, mysterious hermits, and maybe a pirate or two. Navigate calm waters and surf the waves as Sigrid, a young girl who befriends a mysterious shadow giving her the power to walk on water. Speed ​​over the waves, jump from the roofs of houses with your net and face monstrous enemies to save the citizens of the islands. All this with the help of the shadows of the deep… and your grumpy grandmother.


Basically, CRISIS CORE – FINAL FANTASY VII was released on PSP in 2007. It is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII who, at the time, made a strong impression. Its remaster hopes to do the same by offering improved animations, cameras and interface as well as new characters and other surprises… The game is available in a boxed version (notably on Amazon- Partner Link) but also to €59.99 on the eShop– More details with our previous news.

CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION is a remaster of the sensational prequel to FINAL FANTASY VII. This not only offers HD graphics, but also full voice acting (in Japanese and English) as well as new musical arrangements, in order to present this classic in a dynamic new light.

aka – the December 15

This is a “small” open world game where it seems to be good to live. Cute all the way, the game will ask you to let yourself live quietly with the sandstone of the activities offered on your island… An air of already played but why not, Y aka buy it to see… The game will be aka-2294070.html”>soon available on the eShop

Find inner peace in this game set in a small open world. Improve the daily life of the island thanks to your plantations, constructions and by helping others… however, demons from the past reappear to remind you of what you wish to forget.

Resident Evil 7 – Cloud version– the December 16

The Nintendo Switch enters the Cloud with episode 7 of the horror saga but in Cloud version only (playable via a server.) The game will be soon available on the eShop but now you can download a trial version to test your connection and appreciate – or not, the result.

Immerse yourself in the game that redefined the genre and revolutionized the Resident Evil series with the Cloud version that brings together the full experience of the survival horror masterpiece, including all previously released bonus and downloadable content.

Sports Storyduring December

Here is a game all in pixel art that mixes sports, dungeon exploration, adventure and various activities. Suffice to say that we keep an eye on him… The game will be soon available on the eShop

Pursue athletic excellence in Sports Story, the sports-centric RPG! Prove your talent in golf, tennis or football, and improve your rank to unlock even more disciplines. And between two sports activities, you can also explore dungeons, go fishing, take part in infiltration missions and much more!


Wave 3 of Additional circuit passes of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be available next December 7. For all knowledger, visit our special news.

Obviously, many other games will be released in december on Switch as Kukoos: Lost Pets, Super Kiwi 64, Hello Neighbor 2, Samurai Maiden, Raptor Boyfriend, The Rumble Fish 2 or Amazing Coloring Books. Do not hesitate to go for a ride regularly on theeShop and, of course, to follow your favorite website.