Nonuplets from Mali: they leave Morocco to return home

Nonuplets from Mali: they leave Morocco to return home

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Only two other sets of nonuplets have been recorded in history, but none of them survived more than a few days.

The world’s only nonuplets – nine babies born at the same time – have returned safely to Mali after spending the first 19 months of their lives in Morocco.

The babies broke the Guinness World Record for the most children born at one time to survive.

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Before the birth in May 2021, mother Halima Cissé, now 27, flew to Morocco to receive specialist care.

Before her return, she was living under medical supervision in Casablanca.

The babies – five girls and four boys – were born by caesarean section at 30 weeks, Malian authorities said last year.

The girls – named Kadidia, Fatouma, Hawa, Adama and Oumou – and the boys – named Mohammed VI, Oumar, Elhadji and Bah – weighed between 500g and 1kg at birth, Professor Youssef Alaoui told AFP news agency. , medical director of the clinic where they were born.

There were risks that they would develop health problems due to their premature birth and they spent the first months of their lives in hospital.

All nine babies received excellent medical care and all survived.

They were then transferred to an apartment where they were treated 24 hours a day by the Ain Borja clinic.

Earlier this year, on their first birthday, their father Abdelkader Arby said each of them had a unique personality.

“They all have a different character. Some are quiet, while others make more noise and cry a lot. Some want to be hugged all the time. They are all very different, which is completely normal. “

Mr Arby also said they had become famous in Mali and people were “very keen to see the babies with their own eyes”.

For any parents dealing with a tantrum from their child, spare a thought for Halima and Abdelkader – mealtimes can be noisy and possibly a little messy.