NordVPN allows you to get a single IP, enjoy the benefits!

NordVPN allows you to get a single IP, enjoy the benefits!

If VPNs have the advantage of surfing anonymously, most providers also offer multiple features. This is the case with NordVPN. In addition to making you invisible, the VPN offers you anti-threat protection, an ad blocker and the possibility of having a static IP address.

Few Internet users know this, but an IP address can take two forms: static or dynamic. Most people use a dynamic IP. This is the one provided by their internet service provider (ISP). Indeed, the current protocol, IPv4, is at saturation point. It is impossible to provide a static IP address to everyone, as the number of machines has multiplied. Moreover, eventually, this protocol will be replaced by another. But for now, it’s the protocol used by default and why the vast majority of you have a dynamic IP.

By subscribing to NordVPN, you will be able to remedy this, since it offers a dedicated IP address. You just have to ask for it. Thanks to NordVPN’s static IP, you will enjoy a risk-free online reputation, since your address will always be hidden from the eyes of others. You will also be able to enjoy smooth access even on networks where dynamic IP is not allowed or restricted. Less likely to end up on a blacklist, the static IP will allow you to bypass CAPTCHAs and facilitate payments on the internet.

Dynamic IP VS dedicated IP: what are the differences?

To fully understand the value of static IP, you must first know the differences between dedicated IP and shared (dynamic) IP. Here are the important points to remember.

Dedicated or static IP

As the name suggests, static IP is an IP address that is dedicated to you and does not change. Static IP addresses are often used for servers, network equipment or businesses. This allows them to filter IP addresses, host their website, access remote equipment and many more. This is security for them, since they can restrict the authorized IP addresses. Moreover, with it, the company can use their corporate or work-related tools, remote files, etc.

As far as Internet users are concerned, you have seen that ISPs provide dynamic IP addresses. However, if you wish, you can request to have a static IP. Be careful, this entails an additional cost, which can turn out to be quite substantial. If you need a fixed IP to access your private network, for example, you can do otherwise and request a static IP from NordVPN. Moreover, with this solution, you will be totally protected. Indeed, the static IP makes it possible to link an address to a user quite easily. But with NordVPN, your IP address, whether static or dynamic, will be invisible to others.

Dynamic or shared IP

Unlike static IP, dynamic IP changes, at an indeterminate frequency. This can range from several days to several months. You can very well have the same IP address for several weeks and overnight, have a different one. It also changes when connecting to different WiFi networks (e.g. at family, a friend, or via public WiFi).

In general, this change has no noticeable effect on Internet users and their navigation. However, access to certain sites may be impossible if the administrators have established a blacklist. In this case, only authorized (and therefore, fixed) IP addresses can pass the barrier. It can also disrupt some services that need to geolocate you. Finally, the connection is a little slower than with a fixed IP.

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Dynamic IP is the default configuration for most ISP customers for the sake of IP address availability.

VPNs are no exception and also offer dynamic IPs to their customers by default. When you subscribe, the IP address will be offered to you randomly from a specific range of addresses. But with NordVPN, you have the flexibility to choose.

NordVPN lets you get a dedicated IP in addition to its VPN

With NordVPN, users have the option of purchasing a static IP. Simply tick the option when subscribing. This IP address is unique. It will not be shared with anyone else for the duration of your subscription.

You also have the option to easily switch between regular VPN servers and your dedicated IP through the NordVPN app.

You won’t have to fear for your safety. Your connection via NordVPN will be completely encrypted. No one will be able to pry into your connection let alone steal your private information.

Thanks to NordVPN’s fixed IP, you will benefit from a faster connection and secure remote access. You will also be able to bypass CAPTCHAS and other repetitive authentications, and many more.

Do you want to protect yourself and get a static IP address? So, switch to NordVPN. This Christmas, the VPN has an offer that’s hard to refuse. Indeed, its two-year subscriptions benefit from a reduction of up to 68%! In addition, NordVPN does not stop there, since it offers you three months of subscriptions. Thus, your Ultimate subscription will only cost you 5.99 euros per month, or 161.73 euros for the first two years. The Advanced subscription is priced at 4.99 euros per month thanks to its 55% discount, and you can find the Advanced subscription at the price of 3.69 euros per month. These great promotions will keep you safe and anonymous, even with a static IP address. You will also take no risk, since you can take advantage of the “satisfied or refunded” guarantee for 30 days.

With NordVPN, you won’t fear for your privacy or your devices. Indeed, by subscribing to a two-year subscription, you have the possibility of using the VPN on six different devices at the same time.

Compatible with all operating systems, it is simple to install and configure. A simple click is all it takes to connect to one of its 5,300 servers in 59 countries. You can enjoy a stable and fast connection, to play, stream, download…

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