NordVPN is already drawing its Black Friday offers and these are the most generous of the year

NordVPN is already drawing its Black Friday offers and these are the most generous of the year

Originally from the United States, Black Friday is an exceptional day during which it is possible to take advantage of significant discounts on thousands of products. Organized the day after the celebration of Thanksgiving in the United States, it will take place this year on Friday, November 25, 2022. While many offers concern high-tech products, computers, fashion or even games and toys, services are not left out. Thereby, NordVPN is already offering Black Friday deals. Created in 2012, this virtual private network is a powerful digital tool that encrypts your personal data and hides your IP address. It is aimed at individuals and professionals alike and ensures an optimal level of security. Plus, with a VPN, you can connect to secure high-speed servers wherever you are in the world.

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NordVPN Security Bundles at Slashed Prices on Black Friday

Every year on Black Friday, NordVPN offers unbeatable prices on its security packages. Different subscription options are offered, with a monthly, annual or biannual commitment (lasting 2 years). The three offers are currently available at unprecedented prices:

  • Essential Package: it includes VPN access, virus protection, and tracker and ad blocker. It is currently offered at the price of 2.99 euros per month with 3 months free, i.e. an overall price for 2 years of 80.73 euros instead of 223.83 euros.
  • Advanced package: it also allows you to take advantage of the cross-platform password manager and the vulnerability scanner. It benefits from a 62% discount for a 24-month subscription (i.e. 3.99 euros per month with 3 months offered for a total cost of 107.73 euros instead of 285.66 euros).
  • Ultimate Pack: it also includes 1TB of encrypted cloud storage. This is the pack for which the discount is the most attractive with a -68% discount for a 2-year subscription. It will then cost you 5.29 euros per month, or 142.83 euros instead of 447.39 euros (with always 3 months free).

Why take a VPN?

Subscribing to a VPN allows you to take advantage of many advantages. First and foremost, it effectively protects your online identity (IP address, browsing history, location, etc.) from possible attacks by cyber criminals. It also helps protect against malicious firmware, block intrusive ads, and disable trackers. As fishing scams multiply, NordVPN is an effective solution for securing your online bank. If you are used to traveling or connecting to public wifi networks, using a VPN is also highly recommended. In addition, by joining NordVPN, you will have access to foreign content and websites. A radical solution to put an end to the chronology of the media… This French particularity imposes on streaming platforms a period of several years to be able to put cinema films online. By changing your address in the NordVPN settings, you will have instant access to a lot of additional content.