OCS: the sale promises to be difficult

Orange is looking to part with its OCS bouquet. Although it has 3 million subscribers, it is far from profitable and buyers are not rushing to take it back.

Orange’s cinema-series package has been on sale for nearly two years, but buyers are not rushing and potential interested parties are asking the operator for great efforts. OCS may have around 3 million monthly subscribers at €11 per month, but they are far from allowing the platform to survive.

CANAL+ on the front line

OCS has accumulated between 400 and 500 million losses since its launch in 2008 according to The echoesand the loss of the exclusivity of HBO programs during the future launch of the common platform for HBO Max and Discovery + should make the bouquet lose its attractiveness by 2024.

The discussions would have accelerated at the beginning of the year but many abandoned the idea of ​​taking over the platform, including Salto, which could have considerably increased its subscriber base via this takeover.

CANAL + would remain favorite for the moment for this takeover. The encrypted channel is already a 34% shareholder in OCS, which therefore gives it the right to refuse a candidate and its position as the first broadcaster gives it great power. Without CANAL+, OCS would be much smaller than it is today.

However, the Vivendi subsidiary is becoming demanding with its competitor. CANAL + thus requests to have in addition Orange Studio but also the payment from Orange of an amount between 100 and 150 million euros to absorb future losses and clear the debt of OCS, according to the daily. .

Orange would be ready to accept the deal but only on the condition of going part of the way and that CANAL + undertakes to maintain the 60 employees of OCS.

Serious competitors

However, Warner Bros Discovery would also be on the case. OCS would allow it to already have a base of 3 million customers when HBO Max launched in 2024, but also to have linear channels, which could eventually allow it to offer its films only a few months after their release. in dark rooms.

In addition, a rumor is circulating indicating that a French candidate would also be interested without it being known for the moment who it is, but it is not Mediawan who withdrew his file.

Sky is also mentioned. Between Sky and Warner, this could create serious competitors for CANAL+ if they were to get their hands on the OCS bouquet.

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