OM: Igor Tudor’s bad joke at a press conference

Olympique de Marseille manager Igor Tudor has responded in a funny way to criticism about the succession of poor results.

Alexis Sanchez’s teammates have lost four of their last five games in all competitions. The Marseillais are struggling to garner points in the league and in the Champions League since a few weeks. Nothing to worry about the Croatian technician who responded to criticism this Friday at a press conference.

Igor Tudor, “Losing is just a small detail”

It’s part of football, when we win we are the strongest, when we lose we are the worstconfided the Marseille coach. I always train the same way, I haven’t changed my way of doing things between when I was on top of everyone and now I’m behind everyone. I repeat, the last two games we lost were our best performances in two months. “.

An amazing media release by Igor Tudor. The Croatian coach went further in his explanation. ” To make a joke, it’s just a small detail, the fact that we losehe continued. It is true that I spoke about it with the players. We play well but we lose matches, it’s not normal, we have to do better, find these little details. »


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