on which site to go to find the console this weekend?

Want to know where to buy the PS5, Sony’s latest console? The PlayStation 5 is still rare, in stores, as well as online, but new stocks come back regularly: follow our advice to not miss them!

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Hard to find, the PlayStation 5? To say the least: due to supply problems on the Sony side, the next-gen console has been disappearing from the shelves very quickly since its release in 2020. Whether it’s the PS5 Standard model or the PS5 Digital model (without Blu-Ray drive), the console is relatively inaccessible. Every time it reappears in stock at a retailer, the PS5 is taken by storm and you have to be very responsive! To do this, we advise you to subscribe to the newsletter of sites likely to sell the PlayStation 5. This way, you will receive an email or SMS alert as soon as the console is available, and you will have a chance to be among the first buyers.

Where to buy the PS5 this weekend

Among the signs to follow, we advise you to look at Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty. The PS5 Standard and PS5 Digital are regularly on sale there, sold alone or, sometimes, in a “bundle” with additional accessories (such as a DualSense controller) or PlayStation 5 games included. These cost slightly more than the console alone, but are more advantageous than buying the items individually. In addition, these bundles are less quickly taken over than “raw” consoles, and can therefore give you a chance to get your hands on the console. One last tip: subscribing to priority delivery services (like Amazon Prime or Cdiscount at will) can give you a chance to have your order placed in priority over “classic” users.

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