On which sites can you find the PS5 on sale in mid-December?

On which sites can you find the PS5 on sale in mid-December?

PS5 stock shortages are still happening, more than two years after the console’s release. If you’re hoping to be able to gift a PS5 to the gamers around you for Christmas, or if you want to get a copy of the new-gen console yourself, you’ll need to keep an eye out for upcoming sales. Indeed, with each distribution, the quantity of PS5 available is not enough to meet the demand. To have a chance of getting Sony’s latest console, it is therefore essential to be among the first buyers present on the sales pages. Be sure to arrive as soon as deals go live, keeping a close eye on news from every retailer that might be releasing the PS5. As a reminder, the base price of the PS5 Standard is 549.99 euros and that of the PS5 Digital Edition is 449.99 euros.

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Sites likely to have PS5s in stock:

On which online sales sites can I order a PS5?

To keep you informed of upcoming PS5 sales, there are two solutions. You can first subscribe to the general newsletters of the various brands likely to offer new-gen consoles for sale. It is also advisable to activate back-in-stock email alerts that directly concern the desired PS5 model, when available. Pay particular attention to large e-tailers, such as Amazon and Cdiscount. You can also keep an eye on the sites of stores selling cultural and high-tech products, including Micromania, La Fnac, Darty, Cultura, and even Boulanger. Remember to also consult the offers offered by Rakuten and Rue du Commerce. Finally, do not neglect the sales of PS5 potentially organized by large retailers such as E.Leclerc, Auchan and Carrefour.

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