OnePlus details its schedule for rolling out OxygenOS 13 in beta

Now that Android 13 is officially available, Android smartphone manufacturers are working hard to offer the update as well as the new version of the appropriate software interface. This is the case of OnePlus which, in a post on its “Community” page, unveiled the roadmap forOxygenOS 13.

The first model to usher in the update is none other than the company’s flagship released earlier this year, the OnePlus 10 Pro. This one was offered access to the beta last August and should therefore be the first to benefit from the final version of OxygenOS 13. In September, it is the OnePlus 10R, 9 Pro 5G and 9 5G which received OxygenOS 13 in beta. Finally, the OnePlus 10T 5G9RT 5G, 9R 5G, 8, 8T and 8 Pro have, since October, also obtained access to this beta.

In the pipes are still the models North 2T 5G and Nord CE 2 Lite 5G which should receive the famous beta by the end of the year. At the start of 2023, it is the other mid-range North CE 2 5G, Nord 2 5G and Nord CE 5G which will finally be able to take advantage of it. And these will be the last.

No OxygenOS 13 for Series 7

OnePlus therefore signs here the end of the updates of the 7 series released in 2019. After three years of good and loyal service, the smartphone will no longer benefit from updates delivered by the Chinese company. A lifespan still too short for our taste, especially since the series still appears from time to time at resellers such as Amazon during special periods, such as Black Friday.

The Chinese firm has not specified the release date of the beta phase of OxygenOS 13. If we rely on the release schedule of OxygenOS 12, we can expect to see this new version land around March/ April 2023. OnePlus also indicates that operator-exclusive smartphones are unfortunately not affected by this roadmap. Fortunately for us, this only concerns models released on American soil.

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