Only a few iPhones will have the right to the battery percentage

Last night at 7 p.m. in France, Apple released iOS 16, Apple’s newest operating system. The latter brings a lot of new features, especially on the lock screen. In addition to these reworked features, Apple is bringing back another option. Highly requested by the Apple public, the display of the battery percentage is reappearing on the iPhone.

But as soon as the update was released last night, Apple released a help document regarding this feature. She explains that not everyone will be able to access this new feature. The battery percentage is therefore only making a comeback on certain devices.

iPhone mini: the big losers

No worries therefore for the four new iPhone 14s which should be delivered in the coming days. Things are different for the iPhone XR, just like the iPhone 11 as well as 12 and 13 in their “mini” versionthe battery percentage will not be displayed on these devices.

For the moment the brand has not communicated on the arrival of this functionality in an additional update.

The new battery percentage icon differs from its predecessor, as it is directly integrated within the small logo. The number is not written in transparency next to the battery logo, but inside it. A small detail that saves some space in the center of the screen, now used by the famous “dynamic island” of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

The battery percentage is now displayed in the heart of the icon, and no longer next to it © MacRumors

A new user experience that leaves you perplexed

With this new way of doing things, it will be impossible to see the battery drain as the battery goes down. With the “battery percentage display” option enabled, Apple leaves the bar full up to 20%. At that point, the small stack turns red and only fills one-fifth of its space.

A new way of proceeding which has not yet succeeded in attracting all of Apple’s customers. But this function, which is only an option, can be deactivated in the phone settings and thus keep the same operation as before the update. - Official App – Official App

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