Orange and SFR are knocked out, Bouygues Telecom atomizes the price of its fiber

Bouygues Telecom makes short work of the fiber market. Its internet box called Bbox Fit with a speed of 400 Mb / s is sold for 9.99 euros per month. This is the TOP of what we have seen in recent years.

Since the beginning of September, Bouygues Telecom has been putting pressure on the entire internet box market. This operator puts forward an offer with fiber for less than 10 euros per month: it’s simply the best offer we have could see in the last five years on the market.

If you are frustrated with your box, the poor quality of the speed, the non-existent customer support or the price, you now have an opportunity to seize to regain satisfaction. The Bbox Fit is the most requested internet box at Bouygues Telecom, and it is also the cheapest during the year.

Its formula is simple and clear: fiber with 400 Mb/s in sending and downloading + unlimited calls to landlines is 9.99 euros per month. Bouygues Telecom does not include a TV decoder in this Bbox Fit offer, which focuses on the internet part. Apart from this one-time flash sale, this internet box is priced at 30.99 euros per month. Over the first year, the bill will therefore cost you around 120 euros… instead of 371 euros.

I buy the Bbox Fit

This reduction of -65% is extremely interesting, especially when you know the quality of Bouygues Telecom. You are with an ISP which offers very good customer service, by telephone or in the 600 shops in France, and which has an excellent quality network. It offers you support like you don’t get anywhere else (except maybe at Orange). In any case, you have for 9.99 euros per month the top of the range of the market.

Bouygues Telecom supports you as soon as you change your internet box. If you want to change telecom operator, it offers you an end-to-end premium service: when you have completed the form on its site (regardless of the internet box), it will take charge of the termination of your current contract . And if there are cancellation fees, he will compensate you for them up to a maximum of 100 euros. And finally, it sends you a 4G key as soon as you order in its “guaranteed internet from day one” policy. In short, it’s a real comfort that you can’t find elsewhere.

A triple-play internet box for this new school year

If you are not familiar with the concept of triple-play box, we explain it to you: it is a formula that combines internet, telephony and the television part. This is therefore not the case with the Bbox Fit which focuses mainly on the internet part. If you also need to have the TV part in your internet box, you will have to choose another offer from Bouygues Telecom.

But luckily, the start of the school year is also favorable to this format. Bouygues Telecom displays a nice discount on its Bbox Must. This one is more complete than the first, its price is also a little higher (normal). For fiber with a speed of 1 Gb / s for downloading (and 700 Mb / s for sending), unlimited fixed and mobile calls in France, and 180 TV channels, this will cost you 15.99 euros per month. Note that the 4K decoder is included in this formula.

I buy a Bbox Must

For this internet box, the savings are even greater in the first year. By default, the Bbox Must is 40.99 euros per month. It is therefore 25 euros more per month than it should cost you if you do not subscribe to its back-to-school offer. Over 12 months, this represents savings of 300 euros, or almost -65%. Bouygues Telecom makes it ultra attractive, this will allow it to fill up with new customers.

Bouygues Telecom, an example among ISPs

Bouygues Telecom always makes a real effort when the French need it. With the start of the school year, the energy crisis and the resumption of inflation, the ISP knows how to respond positively. Internet boxes (like mobile plans) are very almost compulsory items of expenditure in all homes in France. By lowering the price of its Bbox Fit as much as possible, you can enjoy a box at a derisory price. France is known to have among the lowest prices in Europe in telecoms, but this is even crazier.

Finally, we remind you that all these offers are limited in time. Rates are guaranteed for one year, after which they return to their normal level. Two things: 1) you can always choose to cancel your subscription if you don’t agree with the price increase and 2) you will quickly get used to the comfort of Bouygues Telecom. Even a little more expensive, these internet boxes remain excellent.

As with all ISPs, you have to do a fiber eligibility test to be sure you can take advantage of very high speed. Otherwise, Bouygues Telecom also offers these two formulas in ADSL versions (at the same price). If you are a nomad, the ISP also puts forward a 4G box with unlimited data for 32.99 euros per month. It is a very specific product that allows you to have a good connection (even if your home is not connected to fiber). With its unlimited envelope, you can use it as a portable router. It will be more practical to use ADSL, which is much slower, around 20 Mb/s.

To see the Bbox Fit, it’s here:

I buy the Bbox Fit

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