Pacific Drive, a survival-oriented first-person road trip, is coming to PS5 and PC in 2023

Among the new features announced during the State of Play in September 2022, Pacific Drive came out of the garage Ironwood Studios to take us on a somewhat bumpy ride.

A car, a driver, a formidable nature that seems subject to (super)natural disasters, this is how to sum up the atmosphere of the game and this first visual contact offered by the Seattle-based studio.

Driver vs Wild

In Pacific Drive, we evolve in an area of ​​the Pacific Northwest in which tests on futuristic technologies have been carried out. Problem, the environment has been completely disturbed by displaying very high levels of radiation, disastrous climatic conditions and witnessing the appearance of supernatural creatures.

This sector, confined so as not to let any danger escape to the rest of the world, is the Olympic exclusion zone. It is therefore full of secrets and the character you play decides to venture there.

Of course, we find ourselves trapped in the middle of this great environmental mess and our escape is represented by a vehicle barely fit to drive, the only way to escape the dangerous woods of the Olympic Exclusion Zone.

The principle of Pacific Drive then consists of a mix of racing, survival, all in first person view, where you have to juggle between driving, recovering resources, strengthening the vehicle and solving mysterieswith a garage as a refuge to which we will return between two tests.

Blake DoveCommunications and Marketing Specialist at Ironwood, even finds the inspirational and interesting qualification of “road-lite”, which makes quite concrete the fact that escaping will not be easy and that the environment changes with each attempt.

Different biomes are also to be expected where everyone will have their share of rewards to recover, necessary for the evolution of their vehicle or the customization of their garage.

Pacific Drive will start the engine on PlayStation 5 and PC in 2023.

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