Pantheon – In 2023, monthly pre-alpha sessions for the MMORPG Pantheon

Pantheon – In 2023, monthly pre-alpha sessions for the MMORPG Pantheon

Pantheon’s latest tests have proven to be stable enough for the development team to intensify future tests: from the end of January 2023, the MMORPG will be unveiled monthly in pre-alpha sessions.

According to the Visionary Realm studio in its monthly open letter, this month of December marked a significant evolution in the development of Pantheon : the MMORPGs has been the subject of occasional tests for a very long time now, but thanks to the latest optimizations carried out by the development team, the engine and the network infrastructures are now proving to be stable enough to welcome players more regularly into the game universe.

As a result, Visionary Realm teams are announcing the organization of pre-alpha every month, starting at the end of January. As we know, Pantheon is still far from complete (graphically, but also in terms of content and game mechanics), but its combat system is operational and players can explore the world of Terminus. The date of the first of these monthly pre-alpha sessions will be communicated shortly.
For the record, the pre-alpha is currently welcoming the first historic contributors to Pantheon’s crowdfunding campaign (the pre-purchase of a $50 copy of the game included access to the pre-alpha) and for the impatient (fortunate ), it is still possible to join the pre-alpha along the way but by investing in a founder’s pack at $750.

And as Pantheon aims to gain visibility with players, the studio announces the recruitment of a community manager and a social media manager, Jamie Henry and Ruben Pereira. Both are intended to help the studio communicate better with players, especially on the official forums and the MMORPG’s Discord server. We therefore bet that the testers who participate in the pre-alpha, but also the others, will be able to better understand the content and mechanics of Pantheon while waiting for the launch of the alpha, then the beta.