Parental controls soon mandatory on phones and tablets

published on Sunday, September 04, 2022 at 12:40 p.m.

In order to better protect children from the dangers of the Internet, smartphones and tablets marketed in France will have to offer a parental control system, reports Le Parisien. A decree should be published before the end of the year.

A parental control system will soon be mandatory in smartphones and tablets sold in France, reports Le Parisien.

The initiative comes from deputy Bruno Studer (La République en Marche), who proposed a law last March.

“If there are already parental control applications or software, they are insufficiently used because they are too complex”explains to the daily Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition. “The idea is therefore to offer, directly in the settings of each smartphone marketed in France, a simple device to control the time spent on the screen but also the content visible or downloadable on the mobile Internet”specifies the Minister, who is piloting the project with his colleague in charge of Childhood Charlotte Caubel.

The objective is to make this device easy to access, “because studies show that one in two parents does not feel sufficiently supported to manage this situation”, continues Jean-Noël Barrot, with the Parisian. The initiative aims to reassure parents when the youngest are confronted with violent or pornographic content, cyberbullying or even fake news.

“One in three children by the age of twelve have been exposed to pornography”

The system envisaged will offer two main options. “First of all the time spent in front of the screen because, and parents realize this, children often use their smartphone for too long, three hours on average per day, but also on content because one in three children , at age twelve, was exposed to pornography”says Jean-Noël Barrot.

However, parents will have to wait to benefit from this device. A decree should be published before the end of the year, but parental controls will not be available until 2023, while smartphone and tablet manufacturers adapt.

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