Parents find their daughter, more than 50 years after her abduction

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Melissa has been reunited with her parents, 51 after she was abducted at 22 months by her babysitter in Texas.

It’s a Christmas miracle for a family in Fort Worth, a city in Texas, USA. Couple found their daughter, 51 years after she was abducted, reports CBS.

Melissa Highsmith disappeared after being kidnapped by a babysitter from her parents’ home in 1971. She was just 22 months old when she disappeared.

For more than 50 years, his family and Highsmith Police have not stopped searching. She was eventually found, through a DNA test, living in Fort Worth as Melanie Walden. Jeffrie, the father, was then able to get in touch with her via Facebook.

“I could not believe it”

Melissa, now 53, initially thought it was a scam. Before questioning the person who raised her: “She confirmed to me that I was little Melissa”, she says. A DNA test then confirmed the relationship.

Saturday, November 26, Melissa’s parents met her for the first time. The family made up for lost time and got to know each other. “I couldn’t believe it. I thought I would never see her again,” her mother told our colleagues.