Patches are coming to improve the console versions

take over from Batman seems to be quite a complicated task for the Bat-Family. The title of Warner Bros Games Montreal struggled to convince for its first days on the market, at least from a critical point of view, since many pointed out that the game had quite a few technical problems. Visibly alerted to all its worries, the studio recently took the floor to announce that several patches were coming for Gotham Knights.

The first of a long series of bat-patches?

In a series of tweets, Warner Bros Games Montreal said that a PC patch was already available to fix some issues such as keyboard controls, game crashes and matchmaking issues. Rest assured console players, they have not been forgotten, since a patch should arrive soon :

For our console players, the next patch is scheduled for the end of the week, with more specific information coming soon. Similar to the PC patch, this hotfix will deal with necessary fixes on things that have appeared since launch. We are aware that PC and console players have experienced performance issues. The team is working hard on a more massive patch to improve overall performance and give you the best experience possible. For console gamers, we are specifically aiming to improve frame rate stability. »

Don’t expect 60fps to come right away either.but the development team is trying to ensure that no one experiences framerate drops anymore.

Gotham Knights is available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. Do not hesitate to consult our complete guide on the game to learn more and discover our guides and tips.

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