Perseverance continues to sow its tubes but NASA knows how to recover them

Perseverance continues to sow its tubes but NASA knows how to recover them

The Perseverance rover deposited a new sample tube on the surface of March Wednesday, report Numerama. This is the 4th of 10 samples that the robot must deposit in order to create the “first sample deposit on another world”. Although these tubes are left unprotected on Martian soil, The NASA do not fear that they will end up buried or carried away by the winds.

space agency American explained why on Twitter at the end of December. “Mars is windy, but not like on Earth. The atmosphere is much less dense there: about 1 hundredth of that of the Earth,” she said. “The winds here can pick up ‘speed’, but they don’t ‘pick up’ a lot. In other words, the winds aren’t strong enough to kick up anything but fine dust.

Relief samples

NASA also highlighted the fact that the Curiosity spacecraft, despite nine years of Martian explorations, continued to be recognizable. Its surface is “dusty, but recognizable,” writes the agency. Even the smallest components of InSight, the robot which has just completed its mission after four years of work, continue to be visible in the images.

“Not only do we expect the sample tubes to be uncovered, but I also document very carefully where I put them. So, coming back to it later shouldn’t be a problem, ”assures NASA by making the Perseverance rover speak. As a reminder, these deposits constitute backup samples. If the rover were unable to bring its own to the lander, two helicopters would then be tasked with coming to recover these samples within about nine years.