Peugeot draws the e-Ludix in the face of paid parking for two-wheelers

Peugeot draws the e-Ludix in the face of paid parking for two-wheelers

To thwart the implementation of paid parking for thermal two-wheelers in Paris, Peugeot is launching its e-Ludix electric scooter. A model available from 3,500 euros offering a theoretical range of 50 km.

The Peugeot e-Ludix is ​​available from 3,500 euros, excluding the ecological bonus. ©Peugeot Motorcycles

After the car, it’s the turn of the two wheels thermals to be gradually driven out of town centres. Paris is no exception to this trend and, since September 1, 2022, has implemented paid parking on its territory for all these vehicles. But electric two-wheelers can escape this. Faced with this problem, Peugeot Motorcycles are going electric. After having attempted an incursion into this market in the 90s with the Scoot’elec or in the 2010s with the e-Vivacity, the lion brand is relaunching there by unveiling the e-Ludix.

A small size

“At Peugeot Motocycles we have always been a forerunner in mobility and our history is punctuated with innovative solutionsconfirm Matthew BrinonSales, Marketing and Brand Communication Director. In 1996, we launched the first electric scooter on the market, Scoot’Elec. Since then, we have never stopped investing in clean mobility by developing innovative products for their generation with today e-Ludix. At Peugeot Motocycles, the advent of electric is part of our history!”

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This two-wheeler, equivalent to a 50 cc model, is described by Peugeot as “ideal for active city dwellers looking for responsible consumption”. With its relatively small size (1.77 m) and weight (88 kg, including 11 kg for the batteries), the e-Ludix will find its place in the city centre. Three colors are available while the 2.5 kW motor makes it one of the most powerful in its class.

800 euro discount

On the autonomy side, one of the justices of the peace of zero-emission mobility, this scooter has a theoretical capacity of 50 km. A generally disappointing result in absolute terms but rather suitable for intra-urban journeys that are rarely very long. To recharge the batteries, a 500 W and 9A socket is supplied with the scooter, allowing an 80% recharge in three hours and 100% in four hours.

Commercially, the e-Ludix is ​​available from 3,500 euros, from which the ecological bonus of 400 euros should be deducted and a discount from Peugeot, until November 31, in the amount of 800 euros. Enough to be fully in line with the evolution of a market where electric models should represent 70% of registrations by 2030.