PGA TOUR 2K23 – Welcome to the club!

Ready to go super green?

If some, including Riggs, wait for Fifa or CoD every year, I’m more of a golf fan. And thanks to 2K, here I am ready to put on my best clothes for this PGA TOUR 2K23.

Practice mode!

So what do we have this year? Already a game more alive, more worked in its decorations, its atmospheres. You can almost smell the grass in some places. The audience is also more expressive and the commentary is on point. I also (and above all) have an avatar that throws it and it has been taken care of. We enjoy watching this new PGA.

Lunch break with the offices in the background!

But it is controller in hand that we mainly enjoy this episode. The new 3 click system is a plus for some, although I prefer the right stick system. Since I adopted him, I haven’t left him. Especially with its gameplay, PGA TOUR 2K23 allows us to make effects as we wish and it becomes hard to accuse the game when we are in a hole!

Tiger always takes a bowl of Frosties in the morning!

In the new stuff department, we will appreciate the course creations and the Clubhouse to unlock stuff even if the Season Pass side on each game becomes boring and not always rewarding. Here he is there and I don’t bang my ass on the ground.

It swings!

PGA TOUR 2K23 is still superior to the 22 edition thanks to its gameplay and its pleasant tweaking. It does not encumber itself so much with fuss and we will directly tread the courses with our avatar. Well, I’m going back, I have my swing to work on.

I save the pose for the class!

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