Philips unveils Evnia gaming monitors: price, features… details |  XboxOne

Philips unveils Evnia gaming monitors: price, features… details | XboxOne

With the gaming technologies supported by new consoles, more and more of you are choosing monitors over TVs to play on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Today, Philips unveils its new range of products dedicated to gamers with various high-end screens.

Philips wants to reinvent the rules

A total of four monitors have been announced by the giant in partnership with MMD Monitors and Display. Baptized Evnia, this range aims to “reinvent the rules” by combining “freshness, high quality and elegance”.

Xeni Bairaktari, Global Marketing Lead and Senior Brand Manager EU at MMD Monitors & Display said:

At Philips monitors, we believe that the pleasure of gaming should be accessible to everyone. Our goal with Evnia is to provide today’s gamers, in all their diversity, with the monitors and accessories they need to get the most out of every gaming session, in terms of performance, graphics, or general user experience. In line with its name, Evnia encourages players to be themselves during their gaming sessions and to rediscover the very essence of video games.

4 monitors to come

The Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV has a curved UltraWide Quad HD (1440p) 165 Hz DisplayHDR 1400 certified panel and offers mini-LED backlighting. It is Adaptive-Sync compatible and will be available at a price of €2069 in December 2022. Ambiglow lighting technology will also be included.

Three more monitors will be available in January 2023. The 42M2N8900 is a 42-inch flat panel OLED monitor that will retail for €1959. The 34M2C8600 is a 34-inch QD-OLED monitor that will be sold for €1,849. We don’t know the exact specs yet, but we’re dealing with very high-end monitors here.

The 27M2C5500W completes the range. This is a 27″ curved VA panel monitor that will also be released in January for €579.

We should have the details of these last three screens soon.