Pixii, the rangefinder camera made in France, goes 64-bit

The Bisontins of Pixii unveil a new processor that can replace the 32-bit model integrated into its rangefinder camera.

The camera market is bad, but innovation is not slowing down. In addition to behemoths such as the Sony Alpha 7R V or the new Canon EOS R6 MKII, there are also more artisanal brands that do not lack ideas to revitalize the sector. French company, Pixii is one of them, and unveils with the “A2572” the first camera 64 bit of the world.

A tricolor competitor to Leica

For those who don’t know Pixii, let’s remember the forces involved. The manufacturer launched its eponymous box in 2020, already very well received for its price half the price of the entry-level Leica (3200€ all the same).

A year later, Pixii launched a new sensor, this time 26 megapixels, which its customers could buy separately to upgrade their expensively acquired housing. Rebelote today with a new modernized part to offer to its Pixii, in the subject of a 64-bit processor; a first in the world of rangefinder photography.

For customers, two options. Either acquire the “new” Pixii, model 2023, already equipped with the 26 Mpx sensor and its state-of-the-art processor, or order an upgrade from the existing model to this new platform. This formula is priced at €320 and requires you to return your camera to the brand, which will perform the upgrade as well as a calibration of the rangefinder, the cleaning of the sensor and will extend the warranty by one year.

All you have to do is reserve a time slot and return your device to be upgraded by the brand (shipping costs payable by the customer).©Screenshot

Improved processing speed

But what interest exactly? Why choose to switch to a 64-bit platform? Quite simply to offer its case better performance.

In a comment shared at 01 NetDavid Barth, the company’s founder, explains that his engineers have ” transposed our 32-bit programs and algorithms to 64-bit and this is what naturally gives us a performance boost “.

In this case, those who take the plunge can expect photo processing accelerated between 5 and 10x, as well as a file transfer speed 3x faster thanks to wifi 5. That’s not all: the new Pixii’s processor also doubles its lifespan.

This ambitious upgrade also allows Pixii to look to the future with new eyes. The computing power thus unlocked will allow the company to ” develop much more complex and advanced image processing algorithms in the future “, continues the CEO. Other upgrade formulas are therefore to be expected from Pixii.