Placing your PS5 vertically could ultimately be dangerous

Placing your PS5 vertically could ultimately be dangerous

This is news that should confuse more than one gamer. Just a few days after the announcement of the end of PlayStation5 shortages, Sony’s latest console is at the heart of the social media turmoilas revealed the 01net media. Several computer repairers are calling on PS5 owners to be careful: you should not place your console vertically.

Sony presents its console as being able to be positioned horizontally or vertically, but, according to several sources, the method of cooling the console would not be suitable for an extended vertical position. Indeed, the PS5 uses liquid metal that would tend to spread on the motherboard due to gravity after a certain deadline. This would result in irreversibly reduce the console’s capabilities.

If no communication has been made by the Japanese multinational and we do not know how many consoles it concerns or after how long this phenomenon would occur, geeks are calling on their pairs to already place their PS5 horizontal. Sometimes it’s better exercise caution

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