play or work in complete privacy with the TCL NXTwear S

From the Berlin show, we were able to try out TCL’s NXTwear S glasses. A secondary monitor to say the least… original!

Certainly, this type of device is not strictly new in the landscape. Moreover, the competitor Lenovo has also just presented its solution with Glasses T1. But, unlike previous NXTwear glasses, TCL says it wants to launch its new model in more countries – including France – by the end of the year.

Wired glasses…

It is important to distinguish between what can commonly be called “connected glasses” and the present TCL peripheral. Unlike mixed-reality masks, like the future model of AppleNXTwear S must be plugged into a video source to operate.

Concretely, the device has no computing power, and no way to feed itself. It has two micro-OLED screens displaying Full HD definition (1080p) at a frequency of 60 Hz. But the advantage of having them directly in front of the retina involves a gigantic display surface. TCL speaks of the equivalent of a 140-inch screen!

The glasses were presented to the public at IFA 2022.©Pierre Crochart / L’Éclaireur Fnac

With a fairly sober design, the NXTwear S have two speakers and several buttons allowing, in particular, to adjust the volume, the brightness, and even to activate a 3D mode which offers depth to the image. .

A wide variety of uses

The USB-C connection of the glasses can appear as a barrier. After all, even virtual reality headsets like the Meta Quest 2, decided to cut the cord. However, this offers some advantages to the NXTwear S, especially in terms of versatility.

Indeed, TCL’s device can connect to almost any device on the market. Whether via USB-C, or via the HDMI adapter that will be provided. Through this, the glasses can find utility in a wide variety of scenarios. For example: working confidentially on a document, watching a movie on the plane without disturbing your neighbours. Or even play the console.

TCL Nxtwear S IFA 2022
The TCL Nxtwear S even allow you to play on the console.©Pierre Crochart for Éclaireur Fnac

Indeed, TCL was smart to come to IFA with a PlayStation 5 under his arm. Thanks to her, we were able to play some parts of dirt 5 on a 140-inch screen directly screwed on our nose. And if the excitement of the Berlin show is not ideal for total immersion, we must say that we were seduced by the experience.

Without being firm on the price, a representative of TCL slipped us that the product could be marketed around 400 euros.

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