Pogba’s marabout comes out of silence

The Parisian was able to interview the marabout of Paul Pogba, Birame D., who was at the center of various rumors on his actions, in particular towards Kylian Mbappé.

Paul Pogba, injured and absent from the selection of the French team for the 2022 World Cup, has hired a marabout in recent years. Accused by his brother of having cast a spell on Kylian Mbappé, in particular, the midfielder of Juventus was in turmoil. Birame D. held, however, cleared Paul Pogba of malevolence towards the PSG striker: “The whole story of maraboutage is pure invention. Paul (Pogba) never asked me to cast a spell on Kylian Mbappé, neither for this PSG-Manchester United, nor for any other occasion. The one and only time we spoke about Kylian was during a telephone conversation during the 2018 World Cup. After the match against Argentina (4-3 for France, editor’s note), I said to Paul: ‘it’s crazy how fast the little one is’. Paul replied with these words: ‘Kylian, it’s a gift from God to have him with us, he relieves us so much, he does us so much good.

“I am disgusted”

Birame D. then returned to Paul Pogba’s statements to the police. The Juventus player called the marabout a “charlatan”. The latter, however, forgives him: “In front of the police, Paul may have preferred to distance himself from me. For my part, I refuse to smear his name and I remember him as a very beautiful person. (…) I am disgusted to see that people who presented themselves as being among his friends are today able to accuse him of having asked me to cast a spell on Kylian Mbappé. All of this makes no sense. I only have the impression that this story of maraboutage allowed some people to forget the essential: Paul was kidnapped and threatened by armed men who demanded from him a payment of several million euros.

the account of the robbery suffered by Paul Pogba leaked to the press in October.