powerful and self-cleaning intras

powerful and self-cleaning intras

Audio-Technica released its new premium wireless headphones yesterday. Headphones with active noise reduction, compatible with powerful codecs.

These new listeners stand out from other similar products of the brand already with the presence of branches, which allow advanced use of the microphone. On the other hand, the storage box has a UV sterilization system to eliminate bacteria and viruses potentially present.

A compendium of new technologies

These ATH-TWX9 headphones aren’t high-end for nothing. Audio-Technica has pulled out all the stops to offer us in-ear wireless both comfortable and powerful. As usual, who says in-ear says noise reduction, here in hybrid digital. To ensure listening comfort, Audio-Technica provides five noise reduction mode presets, to adapt to the type of environment (work, transport or home).

Digital noise reduction, activation of low latency mode or adjustment of headphone equalization are available on the brand’s app. ©Audio-Technica

These settings are accessible on the manufacturer’s in-house application, Audio-Technica Connect. Conversely, as the brand indicates, the headphones have a Hear Through function, which allows users to hear ambient sounds and their own voice. The branches house a double microphone with spatial filtering to guarantee call quality without external interference.

Headphones that focus on quality

Equipped with two 5.8 mm transducers, the ATH-TWX9 earphones promise detailed sound and an extended high frequency range, therefore with possibly more qualitative treble than usual on wireless headphones. Headphones in-ear are compatible with the 3D audio format of Sony 360 Reality Audio. They also support multipoint, so pairing on two devices, as well as the codec Bluetooth high quality aptX Adaptive.

IPX4-certified, splash-proof, Audio-Technica’s in-ear headphones offer 6 hours of playtime on a single charge. A duration that can be multiplied by three by loading them in their box provided for this purpose. This charging case also has a UV disinfection system for the earphones. Each time the headphones are placed in the case, the ultraviolet LED process sterilizes them for 70 seconds.

The ATH-TWX9 wireless headphones are already available for purchase at a price of €319.