Preview of the Native Union Sleeve, a simple MacBook cover

Preview of the Native Union Sleeve, a simple MacBook cover

Since the end of last year, Apple has been selling a new sleeve for the 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pro, the Native Union Stow Lite Sleeve. I use this pouch in its version for MacBook Air/Pro 13″ for several months, the opportunity to make a little feedback.

Sleeve for MacBook Air M1

The cover is sold for €49.99, a higher price than the average if you explore Amazon or Fnac, but within the norm if you restrict your search to the Apple Store. Whether in black or in kraft color, the pocket is sober. She gets along with others products from the Work From Anywhere range of the brand founded by French people (and whose design studio is in Paris).

No unpleasant surprises regarding the dimensions. The 13″ version is very suitable for a MacBook Air M1. There is a little room to slip in a few extra sheets or small cables. For more ease with the MacBook Air M2, Native Union recommends the 14″ cover instead. “, but according to my test that of 13” does not pose any problem, we can insert the new ultraportable there without difficulty.

Once in the cover, the computer is protected from closing by a fabric lip, a nice touch to avoid scratches on the aluminum. The padded interior should meanwhile prevent damage from small bumps. For big shocks, like drops, I have more confidence in memory foam covers, like those of MW. But to carry my MacBook Air M1 in my backpack, the protection offered by the Sleeve is sufficient.

The pouch is made with an artificial fabric made from 100% recycled polyester (rPET) from plastic bottles. This fabric seems resistant, it has in any case not flinched after about three months of daily use. The only minor criticism I can make of it is that it retains a little dust. If you want a clean cover as on the first day, it is better to choose the kraft color than the black one which brings out the impurities.

The Kraft version. Native Union Picture

The rectangle where the brand appears is made of imitation leather with recycled materials, while the zipper is made of real leather. This zipper is designed to resist water.

In short, Native Union offers a sober and neat cover. The slightly high price is explained by the manufacture from recycled materials but also by the chic image cultivated by the brand.