Prime Minister condemns terrorist attack on buses carrying civilians


Somali Prime Minister, Hamza Abdi Barre, on Saturday condemned the terrorist attack perpetrated by the armed movement “Al-Shabaab” against buses in the region of Hiran, in the state of Hirshabelle (center), which caused 17 civilians killed and injured.

The official Somali news agency reported, quoting Barre, that “these terrorist acts have nothing to do with Islam, but rather reflect the savagery and bloody face of the terrorists”, referring to the rebel movement “Al- Shabaab,” ideologically affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

And the Prime Minister added “to commit such a barbaric act today, accounts for the blow dealt to the terrorists by the tribal militias armed with the assistance of the government forces during the recent fighting which took place in the localities of the region of Hiran in the center of the country”.

For its part, the rebel movement “Al-Shabaab” declared to have “killed in this attack members of armed tribal militias”, without giving further details.

Al-Shabaab fighters ambushed the road between Beledweyne town and Maxaas town in Hiran region overnight from Friday to Saturday, killing 17 civilians.

The rebels also set fire to seven trucks loaded with food.

“Seventeen civilians were killed and several others injured following a terrorist attack carried out by militias of the armed movement “Al-Shabaab”, linked to Al-Qaeda, against passenger transport vehicles in the region of Hiran,” Elmi Mohamed Berri, a local official quoted by the official Somali news agency, said earlier on Saturday.

On August 24, Somali President Hassan Cheikh Mohamoud called on his people to prepare for a “total and relentless war against terrorism”, in reference to the armed movement “Al-Shabaab”.

For eight years, the armed movement “Al-Shabaab” has controlled one region out of the 18 regions that make up Somalia, after being driven out of the main cities of this country in the Horn of Africa by government forces and African forces, but it remains established in large rural areas in the south and center of the country.

*Translated from Arabic by Majdi Ismail

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