Priority to the development of artificial intelligence

Priority to the development of artificial intelligence

Vietnam aims to be among the top 4 countries in ASEAN and the top 50 in the world in terms of research, development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) by 2030.

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The keyword +artificial intelligence+ has been searched a lot in recent years. With the convergence of many technologies such as big data, cloud computing, deep learning, AI is gradually changing our lives.”, underlined the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Bùi Thê Duy.

Vietnam optimizes artificial intelligence for its socio-economic development.
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Vietnam, a dynamic economy in Asia, has many advantages for entrepreneurship, innovation and technology development, especially a “disruptive” technology with almost limitless potential like AI. In recent years, it has begun to be widely applied in various fields such as health, education, transport…

A development tool

The country has experienced incredible growth since launching its Dôi moi (Revival) policy in 1986. Thanks to this market-first reform, Vietnam, once struggling, has become one of the world’s fastest growing economies. fastest growing in the world. In recent years, the government has sought ways to capitalize on this growth through investment and further reforms.

Aware of the importance of this technological train not to be missed, in September 2021 it promulgated the National Strategy on Research, Development and Application of AI by 2030, which aims to make it a technological sector. important. According to the targets set, by 2030, Vietnam will be among the Top 4 in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and will be included in the list of the world’s top 50 countries in research, development and application of AI. Its mission is to own ten prestigious brands recognized in Southeast Asia, three national centers on AI innovations and three others on big data and high performance computing (HPC) capable of connecting with other centers. of data and HPC in the country to establish a reliable and powerful sharing network in the service of AI. In addition, Vietnam will have to enter in 2030, with at least one representative, in the ranking of the top 20 AI research and training institutions within ASEAN…

To achieve these ambitious objectives, the government is proposing guidelines, including the development of legal texts on AI, the promotion of its ecosystem and its applications, the development of human resources, the strengthening of international cooperation in this field, etc

Vietnam ranks 62nd in the world, and 6th among 10 ASEAN countries in AI governance readiness (Government AI Readiness Index) in 2021 (+14 places compared to the world ranking in 2020 and +1 place in the region). This is the first year that Vietnam’s average score reached 51.82, surpassing the world average of 47.42. The International Development Research Center (IDRC) and Oxford Insights (UK) have launched the 2021 AI Government Readiness Index to measure the AI ​​readiness of 160 countries .

AI is now ubiquitous.
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Application in all areas

According to forecasts, the average growth rate of the cloud computing market in Vietnam would be around 26% per year. This is the highest rate in Southeast Asia and well above the average growth rate of 16% globally. Currently, in the country, there are 40 cloud computing service providers, 27 data centers of 11 companies, 20% of which are Vietnamese companies.

According to a survey by Vietnam Report, 66.67% of companies use AI in their digital transformation process. 86.67% use IoT in 2022, compared to 66.67% in 2021. The future of communication must include 5G technology. The Institute of Information and Communication Strategies, under the Ministry of Information and Communication, predicts that the rate of contribution of 5G mobile networks to growth

of Vietnam’s GDP is expected to reach 7.34% by 2025.

Along with the trend of digital transformation, it can be said that AI is highly applied in all industries and fields such as public administration, transportation, healthcare, banking, utilities, etc. This application helps the state management apparatus as well as enterprises to improve their operation efficiency and adapt more quickly to the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic. In Vietnam, AI has been studied and developed by many research and development units. Promoting this application and providing integrated digital transformation application tools aim to automate production, optimize cost, ensure safety, security…in multiple industries including transportation, agriculture, life sciences and health.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Bùi Thê Duy said that AI is becoming one of the key technologies contributing to the socio-economic development of countries. And to add that Vietnam was not outside this “flow” and that AI had affirmed its particular importance in the face of the complex developments of COVID-19. This technology has been identified by his ministry as an application for post-pandemic economic recovery, he said. Vietnam is establishing an ecosystem of AI start-ups to attract venture capital funds.

With the support of these domestic and foreign funds, this technology can truly become one of the keys, promoting the country’s development into a regional center for applied AI research.

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