“Profit for all”: Bruno Le Maire in favor of a law on the employee dividend

“Profit for all”: Bruno Le Maire in favor of a law on the employee dividend

the essential
For the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, the best sharing of value would constitute the major project of the majority.

The employee dividend was one of the measures put forward by Emmanuel Macron during his election campaign. His Minister of the Economy seems to want to speed it up. In an interview given in the Parisian Saturday, November 5, Bruno Le Maire expresses his political will on purchasing power.

Among them, the law on the employee dividend of which he is a fervent defender. “The employee dividend is profit for all” he declares before adding “when a company has enough to pay dividends to its shareholders, it must reward its employees”.

The contours of a convention are emerging

To do this, the tenant of Bercy proposes to organize a convention on the subject within the Renaissance party (ex-LREM), followed by a possible bill. The idea would be to associate “economists, business leaders, employees, opposition groups to find new ideas in addition to the social partners” recalling, at the same time, the success of the Pacte law in 2018 which “succeeded in increasing by 60% the number of employees benefiting from a profit-sharing or participation agreement in SMEs”.

A bill in perspective

Even if the contours of the device still require time for reflection, Bruno Le Maire intends to move the lines: “I hope that with the social partners, we will move forward more quickly on our proposal which must quickly give concrete results” supports- he. To listen to him, “this could lead to a bill carried by the majority”.