PSG: Lionel Messi has decided for his future and knows where he will play next season!

At the end of the contract with PSG in June 2023 and already courted by FC Barcelona, ​​the Argentinian international has already made his choice concerning his future.

From the top of his 35 years, Lionel Messi is not finished, far from it. Those who believed in the decline of the Argentinian international after his mixed first season at Paris Saint-Germain were totally wrong. After a season of adaptation in the French capital, Lionel Messi is totally fulfilled and it shows on the pitch with very good performances.

PSG challenged by Barça and MLS clubs

Since the start of the season, the Argentinian has scored twelve goals and delivered thirteen assists in seventeen matches in all competitions. Lionel Messi in Paris is therefore a success. And that’s going to matter when the Argentine has to make a final choice about his future. Indeed, Lionel Messi is out of contract with PSG in June 2023.

In other words, if the Argentinian international considers that it is not in his interest to stay in France, either because it is going badly for him on the pitch or for other reasons, he can leave the club in the summer. next. But the seven-time Ballon d’Or also benefits from an optional year in his contract which could allow him to stay if he wishes and without the Parisian club even having a say.

Paris have a big lead in Messi’s mind

The future of Lionel Messi has been talked about a lot recently, since the Argentinian refuses to make a public decision, he who is turned towards the 2022 World Cup, but at the same time, FC Barcelona is pushing hard in public to convince Lionel Messi to come home. And according to information from Sport, the Catalan-sounding Spanish media, it’s a cold shower for Barça.

Paris Saint-Germain is more than a rope to keep Lionel Messi. In reality, if the Argentinian had to make his choice for his future at the moment T, it would be in favor of the reigning French champion according to Sport. The Spanish media goes further by revealing that the French club has a huge lead over Barça, MLS clubs and other potential destinations for Lionel Messi for next summer.

Already, PSG has the advantage of being a competitive club that can fight on all fronts, which does not leave Lionel Messi indifferent. Then, because the Argentinian gets along very well with his teammates and has notably found Neymar, but also because the agreement is good with the leaders of the club. And finally, quite simply because Lionel Messi is happy in Paris and has no reason to change air. PSG supporters can sleep with peace of mind, unless the situation turns around, Lionel Messi will still be Parisian next season.


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