PUBG kicks off 2023 with a new update!

PUBG kicks off 2023 with a new update!

You will now find below a detailed list of the main updates made to Pubg:Battlegrounds with the Update 21.2:

Vikendi World Updates

  • With Update 21.2, players will be able to come face-to-face with the Blizzard Zone. Once in this area, players will move more slowlywill receive constant damage every second, see and hear worse, and vehicles will be harder to maneuver.
  • The Blizzard area comes with new secrets that players can explore through Secret Rooms. These are located throughout Vikendi and players who find a security key and open these rooms will be rewarded with various higher tier items.
  • Additionally, Repair Kits are coming to Vikendi! If players find that their armor, helmet or vehicle has been damaged during the match, they will be able to use these new repair kits. The Helmet and Armor Repair Kits will restore these items to like-new condition, while the Mechanic’s Toolbox will repair 500 health for vehicles and can only be used inside the vehicle the player wishes to repair.

Finally, multidrops are ready to arrive in Vikendi! Similar to Taego, multi-drop supply crates containing, among other things, consumables, armor, and upper-tier weapons, will randomly drop during a match.

  • World of Sanhok Updates – Based on player feedback, more ascenders have been added to the cave and rocky mountains. Ascender accessories will also be provided to players at the start of the game. Additional bridges connecting Northwest Island to East Island (Bootcamp) and Southwest Island (Ruins) have been added to make it easier to move around the map. The water area around the Ruins has also been made deeper so that players can swim across it. Finally, sandy terrain has been added to some areas to make traversing easier.
  • The Arena was recently introduced to Survivors in a previous patch for Practice Mode. Now players can show off their dominance over friends or rivals with streaks! In the Arena, these will be recorded after the server update and a tie does not affect a winning streak.